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Move and feel the way you should.

Shape Up your body and mind

Pilates based classes for everyBODY focusing on toning, mindful movement and body awareness.
Get stronger, re
store and transform, all from the comfort of your own home!


Workout in real time. Choose from my Pilates Transform, Pilates Restore or Pilates Foundations classes.


Need personalised attention?
Get in touch to book your private session.

Need help with nutrition? Tailored nutritional advice to suit your goals, health needs and lifestyle.

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Pilates Instructor, Functional Movement Specialist and Clinical Nutritionist

Welcome to Shape Up with Claudia, I am so happy you're here! Movement is all around us. It is energy, it is vitality. I want to inspire you to practice daily movement and feel great while doing it. 

I have helped hundreds of clients transform their body and health by teaching mindful movement, healthy eating and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


My own personal wellness journey has made me stronger inside and out and I am fitter at 40 then I when I was 21. I am here to help you achieve the same.

My main focus is to empower you to connect with your body through body awareness, so you can feel stronger, confident and centred.  

“Claudia's classes are fun, exciting and challenging. I never expected to enjoy Pilates this much but I think Claudia's teaching method made all the difference. I am stronger, I stand up straight and that has really helped my confidence." Melanie, 51
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